Tree Men Games

Tree Men Games is a small indie game company from Helsinki, Finland. We are three guys who met in Aalto University's Media laboratory and started a company in 2013.


We do arcade games that are addictive, easy to learn but hard to master. Our biggest game this far has been PAKO - Car Chase Simulator. It was released first time in May 2014 for Windows Phone. Later at the same year followed iOS and Android, and in 2015 Apple TV and Amazon FireTV. To this day, game has been downloaded over 8 million times (all platforms combined).

At late 2015 we started throwing ideas for a sequel, PAKO2, and started its developing. Few months later PAKO2 early demo was then introduced in public at PAX East 2016, Boston (April 2016).

During fall 2016 we continued developing PAKO - Car Chase Simulator for PC/MAC desktop, and added whole new game mechanics, gamepad controls and local multiplay support. The desktop version of the game was published on Steam in January 2017.

Later in 2017 PAKO2 was first released for PC/MAC, and in 2018 also for iOS and Android.

Somewhere in summer 2018 we started developing PAKO Forever which was released on October 18th for iOS, tvOS and Android. PAKO Forever is an endless escape getaway with procedural level design and wacky bonus features.


PAKO launch trailer YouTube

PAKO Map Pack #1 trailer YouTube

PAKO Map Pack #2 trailer YouTube

PewDiePie plays PAKO YouTube

LonnieDos plays PAKO YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (7MB)

There is a little selection of screenshots from our games in the zip file. If you have specific requests, please do contact us!


Awards & Recognition

  • "Nominee for IMG Awards - Best Quickplay Game" - San Francisco, 2015
  • "Nominee for Indie Prize Showcase" - Amsterdam, 2015
  • "Nominee for Finnish Mobile Game Awards - Best Small Screen Game" - Helsinki, 2015
  • "Nominee for Finnish Mobile Game Awards - Best Rookie Team" - Helsinki, 2015

Selected Articles

  • "..nails that "one more go" feeling that high score games thrive on."
    - Jared Nelson, Touch Arcade
  • "The art style and music are really great, and the downtime between rounds is essentially non-existent. PAKO is one of the best quick-play reflex games I have ever played."
    - Andrew Fisher, 148 Apps
  • "This is a brash, good looking arcade game that tempts you in and then stabs giant hooks into you and refuses to let go."
    - Harry Slater, Pocket Gamer
  • "PAKO is one of those strange hate/love relationships you seldom encounter and grow to appreciate. You'll hate it for never giving you what you want, which is the very same reason you'll love it."
    - Rafael Lemarchand, Arctic Startup
  • "I loved PAKO when it released, but this update pushes my love to a whole new level. I really appreciate how Tree Men Games didn't just add new levels and vehicles and call it a day, but they added new types of levels with new features like the racing and the vehicle changing, both of which add tremendously to the gam"
    - Jared Nelson, Touch Arcade
  • "Thank GOD for PAKO - Car Chase Simulator by Tree Men Games!!!!"
    - David Jaffe, Tweet

PAKO soundtrack Vol.1 by DKSTR
"The audio work, which is blessed with addictive, electronic music from Finnish producer DKSTR as well as realistic sound effects, is absolutely sublime. If Ryan Gosling’s character from ‘Drive’ was an app enthusiast, PAKO would probably be in his mobile gaming rotation." - Arcade Sushi

Helsinki Heroes Interview
Interview of Jussi.


Toni Enström
Programmer, Animator, Game Designer

Jussi Pullinen
Producer, Game Designer

Heikki Sillanpää
Graphics and Music, Game Designer

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