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GET IN. GET OUT. GET PAID. Pako 2 is the game Tree Men Games are working on right now. While keeping the attitude and style of the original, it also gets way deeper. Now there's more than just a simple chase. Enter entire cities, find your crew, use your mean drifting skills and heavy firepower to loot everything you can. Take all the money and escape. Just don't get killed while you're at it." Money earned can be then used to modify players car, buy new rides and eventually unlocking whole new stages. All in all Pako 2 will be bigger in every sense and still having the pick up and play-mentality, but with bit of influences from twin stick shooters and rogue likes. Targeted platforms are Steam and consoles, with mobile platforms getting their own specialized version.


Pako2 is a sequel for our mobile game hit, Pako - Car Chase Simulator (released for iOS, Android and many smaller platforms). It was featured also by many different youtubers, such as PewDiePie and LonnieDOS. After the release on summer 2014, game has also cloned by others.


  • Tight gameplay combining twinstick twitch-feel to a car game.
  • Worn out, 3rd generation snuffy VHS looks
  • Original Pako concept expanded
  • Procedurally generated elements such as barricades.
  • Many different locations to cause ruckus in!


PAKO2 PAX East 2016 playable demo  YouTube




Monetization Permission

Tree Men Games does allow the contents of this game to be published through video broadcasting services only with direct written permission from Tree Men Games. Check at the bottom of this page for contact information.

About Tree Men Games

Tree Men Games is a Helsinki based independent game studio founded in 2013. Three guys met while studying game design and some artsy stuff at Aalto ARTS. Even though Helsinki is full of game companies and job possibilities we decided to start our own thing. After that we have been part of Aalto Summer of Startups, recieved a AppCampus award and released Picnic Rumble for Windows Phone. We also got demo funding from AVEK - the promotion centre for audiovisual culture, so a sidescrolling shoot everything that moves game is on the works. Currently we are focusing on PAKO, which is now published for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Game has been successful so far and we have released two big Map Pack updates for the iOS version. Now we are working on a big update for Android and Windows Phone which will add the content of the Map Packs. Combined downloads of Pako on all platforms is over 5 million.

More information
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Tree Men Games Credits

Toni Enström
Programmer, Game Designer

Jussi Pullinen
Producer, Game Designer

Heikki Sillanpää
Graphics and Music, Game Designer

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